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“If You Like To Have Total Control Over Every Aspect of Your PMP Certification – Do I Have a Self Study Mastery System For You …”

Have you bought books or attended classroom courses, only to be bombarded by a sea of complex information that blurs in your brain, only to panic you as your PMP Certification exam looms ever closer!

Don´t you feel like tearing your hair out finding a peaceful and quiet time and place to study?


dave litten pmpWhen a poor exam score thwarts your PMBOK PMP Certification, it´s extremely frustrating!

And what´s frustrating is that you don´t know at which point your learning and preparation fell apart. What you do know is that you put in an awful lot of effort, and that you did the best you could, only to stumble and fall at the last hurdle.

Yet despite being passionate about gaining your PMP Certification status, reading The PMBOK Guide can be misleading as much of the exam will test you on the detail of topics not included.

Crammed and rushed classroom training is not much better either as you frantically gaze upon an ocean of bullet-ridden slides being thrust at you, crammed into a few days – as a “sure pass” slowly slips through your brain and fingers.

So what stops you from gaining the knowledge for the smooth glide to an exam pass? What stopped you from moving ahead? What´s really required to gain the knowledge and skills to pass at first try?

Are you losing buckets of key PMP knowledge because you have been force-fed “facts” rather than given a proven Learning System?

Since childhood, we have learned best by pictures and graphics – supported by key information. This is the broadband link directly into our memory banks. Presenting each topic graphically top-down first, followed by bottom-up detail, will paint vivid mastery of PMP® knowledge and skills permanently.

Have you ever been taught, say, a new skill or technique, and certain steps remained unclear to you, because even if there is just one unsure step, you get tense and forgetful?

You´re not sure what to do.

How are you going to answer an exam question on that topic if you don´t know all the information?

Here´s Why YOU are stressing about PMBOK PMP Certification  (even though you don´t need to…)

What if you owned a full-strength graphic rich set of videos covering the whole of the PMP® Exam Official Syllabus as a self-study system to use when and where you wish?

You don´t want stress-filled rushed time-constrained classrooms, just one-on-one tuition from an in-the-trenches PMBOK® Guide expert.

You want a training experience that harnesses the way your brain works and learns and just as absorbing as a computer game!

Ever noticed the way that you get immersed and mentally stimulated in computer game action, and you can´t wait to crack on to achieve the next level? What if a learning system was just like that?

A learning system that allows you to dip in and out at a time and pace around your busy business and personal lifestyle.

A learning system that guarantees you to pass your PMP Exam at first try.

Poring through a book is often not as easy as it’s made out to be

You can´t always tell where the book is instructing you to look or reference. Video solves this problem.

Attempting to learn from text-books makes it hard to nail down and retain the sum and substance of what you are trying to learn. It drags you into a downward spiral as you try to unload the mass of data which languishes and goes stale in your brain – what a distressing thought!

That’s why exam candidates can be seduced by fancy brochures and websites offering expensive city-centre classroom training presenting faded and dulled mediocre material and classroom facilities. They are charging high prices because of high city-centre rents, building costs and trainer fees – all of those get passed onto YOU.

Not Fair.

So don’t leave it too late by panicking at the last minute as your exam looms as by then it will be too late even for me to help you…

pmbok pmpWant The Same Buzz Video Games Give You?
Wish Learning Was As Much Fun?

Have you noticed how digital games can be so addictive?
My PMP Mastery System will buzz you as much as video games do!

Time seems to stand still as you immerse yourself in the action…Wouldn’t it be good if learning new skills was just like that?

It’s no accident that video games are fun, you see, they cause the brain to release addictive biochemicals such as Adrenaline, Dopamine and Endorphins – giving the player a “learning buzz”

This caught my attention too – I wanted that same buzz and information-retention to be “designed-in” to my Project Management Mastery Systems!

So I harnessed the graphical power of gaming in my PMP Mastery System – no, I didn’t include “shoot ’em ups” but I can promise to immerse you in a much richer graphical learning environment. I’ll give you an example in a moment…PMBOK

No More Boring Bullets!
If you make the mistake of booking classroom training, what does the word “slideshow” suggest? Boring drowsy bullets – Right?

Overwhelm often begins early…

The most common question I get asked is “Dave, there seems an awful lot to learn and retain, can you create a systematic approach to absorbing the PMP Syllabus and getting me through the exam?”

Instead of presenting you with lists of boring bullets that you have to read and remember, my videos include full colour graphics instead. Check out the small excerpt on the right showing six media examples and notice how it is much easier to remember due to the colour images….

pmp certification

I’ll show you more on how I solved that question in a moment, but first….

Exam failure is not an option for you, is it?

Introducing My Brand New 2016 PMP Certification Mastery Signature System…


pmp certification

My PMP Certification Regular Mastery System

pmp pduCLICK HERE to download pmp_application_form_advice

My PMP® Mastery System is a learning system that enables you to fully grasp and absorb the full extent of the PMP Exam Syllabus. It´s a learning system that is based on a deep understanding of how to easily pass your PMP® Exam at first try.

It shows and explains to you the entire framework sitting inside The PMBOK® Guide. It gives you an understanding of how the processes and knowledge areas work and interact with each other. It speeds up your learning without the need for last minute cramming.

After all, you do have ten knowledge areas to absorb, five process groups, and forty seven processes. To cap it all, each process has sets of inputs, outputs, plus tools and techniques to remember.

Don’t worry, you will learn naturally in easy step-by-step chunks filled with dynamic and exciting graphic-filled screens and regular pit stops to check your new skills.

You don´t just learn – you understand to the level where you can apply your new PMP® skills and knowledge.

I never forget, that you have a demanding business life as well as a packed personal life, so fitting in quality study time for your new qualification needs careful balance.  You know instinctively that crammed and rushed classroom training is a poor compromise.

PMP increases your salaryPMP® Salary fact from the Project Management Institute (PMI)

Fancy a 18% salary rise for free?

What would YOU spend a cash lump sum of nearly a fifth of your salary on?

“The PMP® Certification Requirements 2016 gives YOU increased marketability to employers and a higher salary according to the PMI® Salary Survey – Sixth Edition: a Project Management Professional Accreditation increases your salary up to 18% more than your non-credentialed peers”

You and I insist on Fresh Milk and Fresh Food
Why Not Fresh Training?

Don’t you deserve a learning system that has been meticulously crafted to provide a unique smooth-as-silk learning environment to enjoy at your own time and pace?

You’re hacked off with your learning choices. My guess is that you are under time and money pressure – not to mention your boss breathing down your neck with warnings of failure.

You’re frustrated at how little time you’ve got to study and prepare for your PMP Certification exam.

Let alone having to swallow sub-par and stale training presentation material, regardless of the price you may be willing to pay.

Exhausted trying to fit in your PMP exam preparation time with work and home pressures?

The long, unsociable hours of work and the late nights of preparation?

The depressingly high learning curve of classroom training events?

The ‘dog-eat-dog’, bitchy mentality if you should fail your exam?

You’re not sure where your next career move and salary increase is coming from – in short, you’ve had enough.
It’s not that to you hate acquiring new skills and knowledge. You love what you do, and it’s a great feeling being valuable and delivery real benefit to your organisation, right?

I know it.
You just expected more.
Heck, you want more.

Think on this: 

No cramped and rushed classroom training

No travel

No hotels

No lost time with your family and work

Prepare in your own time when it suits you and learn at your own pace – in easy steps

No deadlines

Just “rinse and repeat” with my full colour videos and Handbooks…

So what’s in The PMP Mastery System? And how can it help you?

Your Video Module Library

pmp certification

24 Action-packed videos covering all the PMBOK Process Groups and Knowledge Areas!

Full Colour Pictures of Every Slide in Each Video Module
Each of the Five PDF Handbooks contain not just the full colour pictures of each slide (and space to make notes if needed), but also a set of typical PMP Exam question segments on the topic that has just been covered. So you get to practice and hone your question-answering knowledge and skills as you go.

You’ll never get confused and waste mark-gaining time in the real exam, because you will already have mastered the art of selecting the exact correct answer!PMP Exam

Easily Grab Mark-Gathering Key Points, Hints and Tips
In a classroom, you only get to HEAR these from your trainer because there is no time to present them. You either miss them or frantically scribble them down too quickly losing concentration in the process.

You won’t have that problem with my HD Videos. I have taken a great deal of time and care to dynamically add such key points, hints and tips one at a time, onto the relevant slide, and THEN take the time to explain them to you as I introduce each one.

Can you see how that is FAR easier to absorb and remember these exam mark awarding points?

 pmp certification


Never Get Confused or Forgetful Trying To Remembering Sequenced Steps
See how easy it is to quickly grasp the ability to describe processes, or components, or even methodologies when you have clear visual graphics for a memory jogger!

Never get a foggy memory again!

pmp certification

Hard brain-draining study is unnecessary…
That’s because forcing facts and data and trying to ´memorize´ is an unnatural situation. My PMP Mastery System doesn’t teach you how to use mind tricks. It’s not a system of coercion. It doesn’t need to psyche or push you into energy-sapping intense concentration and stress.

Instead it shows you how to learn and absorb naturally at your own pace…
That’s because my PMP Mastery System uses video-based powerful graphic-driven learning and closes your learning-loop with regular “pit-stops” of knowledge checks and top-ups. It shows you how to retain your new skills and knowledge. And takes you through a series of easy bite-sized steps so that you naturally learn on a daily basis.

And not only does it show you a step-by-step method, but it gives you a checklist that takes the ‘iffiness’ factor out of your own PMP Certification exam preparation.

yesnoYou’re not really sure if you are retaining your study efforts, or whether they are not working at all. And you suspect that you could vastly improve your results, if you had a proven learning framework.

How do you know when you have studies sufficiently to assure an exam pass? How can you know in advance that your PMBOK grasp will get you a pass grade at your first try? My PMP Mastery System gives you clear guidelines that enable you to see for yourself what’s missing and what’s working.

With The PMP Mastery System, you’re going to have consistent results.
The reason why you’ll get consistent results because of three simple reasons:

Reason 1: The PMP Mastery Training is built on a system. It’s not random.
Reason 2: It isn’t some magic trick. It follows natural learning methods that we use every day.
Reason 3: You can spot the mistakes and fix them thereby improving knowledge retention

PMP Mastery Training uses a simple system by harnessing:

1) Structured and step-by-step full color videos
2) Pause, rewind, and fast-forward features
3) Dynamic graphical PowerPoint slides
4) Focused learning points, exercises and checklists
5) Sample exam questions and answers
6) Regular learning revision

Structured explanations: Every video module and accompanying Handbook has very structured explanations. So each explanation builds on the previous one, and each module builds on the next. This leads to sequential assimilation of facts and details. And helps greatly in knowledge retention and your ability to apply in your PMP exam.

Cartoon-based call-outs: There are multiple cartoons in The PMP Mastery System. This is no accident.

These cartoons play an important role in two areas.

They provide visual relief as you watch and absorb the information, but more importantly the cartoons are a memory trigger. Each of the cartoons plays the role of a quick visual summary of key learning areas as important points are visually summarized with cartoons and captions:


Powerful “memory hooks” so you don´t miss or forget a thing!

Key Learning Point Exercises:
 These are checklists act as a thread right through every Handbook. They enable you to step through each process and knowledge area and make sure you don’t miss anything

What’s Different about The PMP Mastery System?

The PMP Mastery Training is not just an idea or concept. It’s a system. And it gives you the full PMP Exam syllabus in easy to remember bite-sized chunks. There are steps and no randomness. You can go back and check what you did correctly and where you went wrong.

But there’s something else quite unique about The PMP Mastery System. It’s been used and tested in virtually every country you can think of. You’ll find testimonials from readers in places such as the United States, UK, Australia, New Zealand etc., to countries where the first language may be Hungarian, German, French, Hindi or Italian.

Because it’s brain-driven the concepts work across languages and cultures and even in small or big economies.


Enjoy ALL the Benefits of my PMP Certification Mastery System 100% Risk-Free


My Deluxe Bonus PREMIUM PMP Mastery System For effortless learning!


Your own PMP Syllabus Topic Overview – keep these finger-tip-handy for when you need a ready reference to check your progress. Avoid the hassle of having to plod through all the material. They’re never far away – you’ve got all the facts and formula right here at your fingertips so you never need to hunt for missing information again.


My PMP EXAM CRAM PMBOK Overview for fast-track learning

It’s the perfect PMP syllabus Overview for you to check regularly as you step through my PMP Mastery System. You now have the ability to “check off” your progress as you flow through my videos…

You’ll never get confused and waste mark-gaining time in the real exam, because you will have already mastered the art of selecting the correct answer!

PMP Exam

Tough Love and Tough Questions

Ask anyone preparing for an exam, “do want to practice on easy questions or tough questions?” and the answer will always be “I want tough questions to really prepare me for my exam

And Quite Right Too.

So I have liberally sprinkled my new 1,800 PMP Question bank with gritty tough questions for you to practice upon.

These Bad Boys will test your mettle and allow you to breeze through with correct answers – whatever questions the examiner throws at you

Process ITTO Infographic
Own my unique Top Level PMBOK Guide Process IO Road Map™

Your invaluable reference aid to nail down your Process and knowledge Area inputs and outputs!

PMBOK pmp certification

Detailed Wall Chart of the 47 PMBOK Processes, inputs, tools, techniques, and outputs!


jogMP3 Audio recordings of ALL 40 Video Modules 

I get numerous requests from folks who want to learn on the move!

So I ripped off the audio tracks from my Video Library because sometimes you don´t feel like watching – or you need your full attention for other things. Like driving for example.

Never miss an opportunity to learn again, you’ll be surprised how much you will have retained when you return back to your video study!

You might be driving, on the tube or train, at the gym, or just chilling out. These are just what you need to plug into any media device and listen at a time and place that suits you.

Why Has The PMP Mastery System been so successful?

How the Brain Goes Through Learning: Here’s what I do, my new method makes use of the way we all naturally discover new skills. You will understand that we humans think in pictures, so I used dynamic graphics and videos. By ‘painting’ the key points into my students brains using simple structured color graphics sequences, something almost magical happened – their exam pass rates went through the roof!

The futility of classroom cramming: Do you often balk at the mass of PMBOK processes and knowledge areas? Don’t leave the thought process to chance and fail in your exam preparation. You are here because you want, no, need to pass. You want to learn and advance your career. So how do we learn? And what causes us to get confused?

Is learning a conveyor belt? Your brain needs to process thoughts in a step-by-step manner. I will quickly bypass the preparation mistakes you’re now making like most of those folks struggling to absorb PMP, and since these mistakes get in the way of your progress on PMP Syllabus topics.

The Hidden Trigger: Just removing these roadblocks alone will increase your comprehension and application of PMBOK knowledge needed to gain your PMP Certification. It is why your exam pass accredits you with the distinction of being called a ‘Project Management Professional’. When you use this trigger, you activate the curiosity of the brain and get real learning engaged. You will start asking questions, urging yourself to learn more instead of switching off.

Building Confidence: Even more important, I can show you how to vastly increase your exam-passing confidence and build your knowledge predictably to a point where almost overnight you will relish the opportunity to sit any exam and prove your deep knowledge and application of the PMP Exam Syllabus.

Keep organised and moving forward: The good news is my PMP® Certification Mastery System is 100% downloadable direct to your PC/MAC, and you’ll have lifetime access to the full material. So once you pass, you’ll always have a valuable reference resource on hand…of course, you’ll get free upgrades whenever the PMBOK® syllabus is updated!

Getting and keeping your attention: Because how are you going to learn if you are not focused? Since we all grasp new information better in pictures, my PMP Training keeps you organised and moving forward with powerful visuals not pages of dense text, and comes complete with my HD Videos, Primer Handbook, Exam Cram™ and easy-to-remember Guidelines and Checklists

PMP Exam Sample Paper Studies: Unfortunately, practice does not get you a pass unless you practice the right questions while honing your exam taking skills. I include hundreds of exercises and questions that help you create an awesome exam question answering and passing technique

The Next Step: You can get all the information in the world, but if you can’t absorb and apply it, the information becomes pretty useless. Think of The PMP Mastery System as a measurable learning system designed so that you can spot EXACTLY when you’re doing something wrong—and fix it all by yourself.

Here’s why it’s perfect for your PMP Certification

Here’s what I do, my new method makes use of the way we all naturally discover new skills. You will understand that we humans think in pictures, so I used  dynamic graphics and videos.

By ‘painting’ the key points into my students brains using simple structured color graphics sequences, something almost magical happened – their exam pass rates went through the roof!

I also quickly bypass the preparation mistakes you’re now making like most of those folks struggling to absorb PMP®, and since these mistakes get in the way of your progress on PMP® Syllabus topics.

Just removing these roadblocks alone will increase your comprehension and application of PMBOK knowledge needed to gain your PMP® Certification. It is why your exam pass accredits you with the distinction of being called a ‘Project Management Professional’.

Even more important, I can show you how to vastly increase your exam-passing confidence and skills to a point where almost overnight you will relish the opportunity to sit any exam and prove your deep knowledge and application of the PMP Exam Syllabus.

My PMP Certification Video Mastery System is fresh, relevant, and is different to any other training out there.

I put all this information in my simple fully downloadable PMP® Video Mastery System.

Here is My Lifetime Guarantee To You

PMP ExamYes there is a guarantee.   It’s a 30 days ‘Smiley Guarantee’.
This means we’ll refund your money with a smile if you find the products not to be as you expected. The smile is important. If you don’t feel the information works for you, we will issue a prompt refund. All you have to do is email us.

I stand by my Guarantee – if you put in 100% yet feel I did not cover the PMBOK syllabus, I’ll cheerfully give you a 100% refund (Yes, I am that confident you’ll love my PMP® Mastery System!)



After studying all my information and watching all the videos, if you still fail the exam on first attempt, send me details of your weak areas and I will give you my PERSONAL MAIL ADDRESS to coach you on those specific points UNTIL you sit the exam again

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Frequently Asked Questions

Format: The videos are in MP4 format, and the Handbooks and supporting documentation are all in pdf format. The book is in ePub as well as PDF format. This means you can use it on an iPad or any other ePub reader. You can also read it on any tablet, and most phones should work too (if they support epub or PDF). And yes, your computer works fine as well… If you download it to your computer, you can print it out as well—if you choose.

Delivery: The information is delivered via the Internet. You are sent to download links in your email inbox with a full 20 days to download the zip files. You have Lifetime Access including free updates when the PMBOK syllabus changes.

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Compatibility: Is this information compatible both for Mac and PCs. Yes it is. And if you get the audio book as well, the audio files are compatible with all mp3 players, computers, etc. And yes, there are also instructions on how to put the audio onto CD or onto your mp3 player (Ooh yes we’re thorough!).

Support: Depends what you mean by support. The information has all been tested for various computers and devices. And it works. If you have an issue getting the files to open or play, you can indeed email me and I’ll do the best I can to help you. We have done loads of tests so that you don’t have this problem at all. However I do respond to email in 17 hours or less. So yes, I’m around.

Keep This To Ourselves
If you order right now, I’ll also send you my Secret Stash of PMP® exam questions – complete with tips and answers.  So your exam marks get a dramatic boost.

The result is even more confidence in an easy pass with a higher score than you had ever dreamed possible. Check it out now while you’re thinking about it.

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You are literally seconds away from having this amazing PMP Video Mastery System in your hands. And you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Final Thought
You probably have yet to reach exam-competency in the PMBOK® Guide, but it doesn’t have to be that way…

Your project management career and earning potential depends upon becoming a PMP

Right now, you are exposed to greater risk of failing the challenging classroom training, so why sit back and watch others grab your opportunity to pass? Invest NOW by clicking HERE!

My Premium Offer includes both my Full Primer PLUS my valuable EXAM CRAM and the bonus PMP® 500 Questions.

The extra benefits these bring is your ability to not just to fully comprehend PMBOK®, but to have a full grasp of the exact questions the examiner may set for you.  

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