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You get 35 Professional Development Units (PDU's) With Our PMP Masterclass while you learn at a time and pace that suits you!

PMP Certification Training

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Dear Professional colleague,
Have you been bombarded by a sea of brain-blurring information when you buy books, and then panic as your PMP Certification exam looms ever closer? Don´t you feel like tearing your hair out failing to find a peaceful and quiet time and place to study - with step-by-step videos?

Our PMP 2018 Masterclass is  filled with videos, full colour handbooks with detailed diagrams of every presentation slide, e-books, quizzes, and our famous 2,000 Question PMP Exam Simulator. It is designed to be easy to understand, step-by-step information-rich videos will get you unstuck and grow your PMP knowledge faster.

Imagine getting a far higher pass grades than you thought possible. Devour the PMP Syllabus without ever missing a beat. It couldn't be simpler. No confusion. No failures.

No need to surf the web, buy books or struggle in classrooms elsewhere, you can prepare when it suits you to easily become an Accredited PMP with our PMP 2018 Masterclass. You won't need to buy or read that pesky PMBOK Guide either - our PMP 2018 Masterclass has already done the heavy lifting - just go through our easy step-by-step videos - and I Guarantee your will pass and become a PMP at your first try

I am Your Virtual PMP Coach
I help high achievers—people just like you—get the clarity, confidence, and tools you need to pass PMP and succeed at life. This requires that you follow our PMP 2018 Masterclass Learning System - and master PMBOK. Will you do that?

PMP Certification

​PMP 2018 Masterclass IS LAUNCHED!

​Brand New 113 HD Streaming Video ​Lessons in 28 Modules, plus 18 accompanying Handbooks each with PMBOK Guide Knowledge Area-Related Exercises ​PLUS Full-strength PMP Exam Sample questions and answers!

PMP Certification


Learn by watching video-based training to master the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques required

Mobile Friendly

​Watch all lessons on your phone or tablet. It's anytime, anywhere learning

35 Contact Hours

Course includes certificate for 35 approved contact hours from recognized education provider

PMP 2018 Masterclass

David Litten CEng.
Projex Academy

"My name is Dave Litten and I want to help you prepare and pass for your PMP exam in a handful of weeks, just like I have done for thousands of students throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Unlike traditional PMP training, our video-based PMP Masterclass is NOT based on memorizing stodgy bullet-driven slide sets - instead, you´ll immerse yourself in our full colour graphic-rich learning experience, making it a snap to remember all those mark-earning facts for your PMP Exam

We've streamlined the entire study process into easy step-by-step bite-sized chunks with our proven training program.

Our PMP Masterclass provides you with over 50 hours of video - accessible anywhere - using your computer, smart phone, or tablet"

Projex Academy – Online Training at your place and pace
Being a busy professional, you can train and prepare at a time and place that suits you, giving you total flexibility to fit around your busy home and work schedule. Projex Academy’s above average pass rates will build your confidence about the quality of my beautifully-designed video training systems.

We designed our PMP 2018 Masterclass to be self-paced course for folks like you to gain PMP Certification by studying our multimedia training at your own pace in the comfort of your own home – or even while out jogging!

Learn in half the time and with zero stress
Our PMP Online Training includes videos, audio, full colour handbooks with full diagrams of each presentation slide, e-books, quizzes, sample exams, and our 2,000 question PMP Exam Simulator.

PMP 2018 Masterclass Accredited Online Training  To Get Your PMP Certification
Projex Academy builds PMP black-belt skills in days not weeks. Get so good, you can’t wait for your PMP test. To date, 1,320 PMP students have passed at first try using our PMP 2018 Masterclass

Pass your PMP Exam on a Budget
Our video training system is designed from the start specifically for online learning, so our PMP 2018 Masterclass is very different to the competition. Classroom providers re-vamp their scuzzy classroom slide set in the guise of stale online preparation. It makes my blood boil for their poor students

PMP 2018 Masterclass transforms the bland text of the PMBOK Guide into sizzling video content
You and I are visual learners. Don’t you find it much easier to keep ideas when you have a clear image in your head?
And practice. That’s how we test and keep new knowledge and skills. Every video is chock-full of detailed and vibrant slides – every line of text, every dynamic graphic is polished, precise, crisp and clear.

Razor sharp learning in bite-sized chunks
Instead of getting overwhelmed by the huge mass of information presented in the PMBOK Guide, I know you would much prefer a logical ‘story-board’ training approach. The truth is that for effortless easy step-by-step preparation, you need to have a structured, proven approach to your study and a means to test your revision progress...

Get speedy PMP exam pass marks
Stop YOUR career opportunities being hijacked by your office colleagues so current and future bosses will sit up and notice when you are a PMP – pass your PMP exams now

These established centers of excellence have ALL been PMP trained using our PMP Masterclass:

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't pass your PMP exam at the first try yet have fully studied my material and exercises, let me know I will coach you to success at no extra cost

Projex Academy Founder