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35 PDU's - Project Management Institute – PDU Guidance

35 PDU'sCategory E – Distance-learning companies, including an end-of-course assessment.

I am often asked if my PMP Primer will earn you your required pre – PMP  Exam 35 hours of PDU’s (Professional Development Units).

There are many ways to gain the required 35 PDU’s, and one of them, is under Category E, where they are earned via distance learning. This is fully supported by the Project Management Institute.

So here is the official statement from PMI.  It is very unlikely that you will be asked for proof when applying to take the PMP Exam, as only a handful of my delegates have ever been asked to furnish such proof. But if you are asked, here is the procedure – just drop me an email at dave[at]davelitten[dot]com and I will send you an assessment test and a certificate. PMI will accept that as proof of your 35 hours PDU prerequisite.

DO NOT request it unless you are asked as it will waste both of our time!

35 PDU’s – Project Management Institute Statement:

“Taking a distance learning course is another method for earning your contact hours. These training courses can typically be conveniently completed from anywhere based on your schedule.

It is important that the training for the PMP Exam is project management specific around the topics of project quality, budget, risks, scope, communications, procurement, and integration management and there is an end of-course-assessment.

Make sure you keep a hold of any assessments showing you successfully completed the course just in case PMI has any questions while reviewing your application.”

My PMP Primer has been designed to meet the FULL PMBOK Syllabus and to cover all the Process Groups and Knowledge Areas. It also includes the Professional Development aspects of PMBOK. To test your full understanding, the PMP Primer includes 840 sample PMP Exam questions and answers.

So earn your 35 PDU’s by investing in my Primer HERE!

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