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A PMBOK Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study – a quick synopsis

An organisation has many drivers that can cause the need for change — and it is often a project that emerges, as the method to deliver this change.

It has been determined that there are six main drivers, and any one or more of these could result in a need for change:

  • market Demand
  • business need
  • customer request
  • technological advance
  • legal requirement
  • social need

Whatever the driver, it might be wise in some cases to determine whether this change is feasible or not, and examine options for the way forward. This is the feasibility study.

What is important to remember, is that a feasibility study should not be ’embedded’ IN the front tend of the project that will deliver the chosen option. the reason is fairly obvious, in that the delivery aspect of such a combined project will not be known until the chosen option are decided. Far better to run the feasibility study, and then decide if a project is the best method to deliver the chosen option.

How do I run a Feasibility Study?

Dependent upon the outcome and recommendation of the feasibility study, a project may be identified as the best way to deliver the chosen option.

Feasibility studies may be carried out as a project in their own right. These can vary in their size, complexity, and time duration.

At its simplest, a feasibility study consists of gathering evidence and data, evaluating options, and recommending the best way forward (this is normally done by way of a formal end-feasibility report).

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