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My PMP Masterclass Will Help You Prepare and Pass Your Foundation and Practitioner Exams And Fast-Track Your PMBOK Knowledge and Career To The Next Level

Pass Your PMP Exam with the PMP Masterclass!

Without a step-by-step strategy to absorb the project management body of knowledge and fully prepare for your Foundation and Practitioner exams, what’s another “make it or break it” action that you need to secure to pass at your first attempt?

If you said ” to learn in a structured manner in easy bite-sized chunks and at a time that suits me” you’re right. But that’s not quite the whole story.

A huge problem with traditional classroom learning is that it’s normally crammed into a one-week course with you fighting for attention from the class instructor and trying to cope with a near-vertical learning curve. When you factor in your work and personal time commitments plus the pressure of preparing for an exam, it’s no wonder that classroom learning makes your head spin.

The truth is, you don’t need to rely on expensive classroom tuition to receive a great learning experience that will fully prepare you to become a PMP….

Back in 2000 (after a few years of hard work), I developed a unique way of delivering a one-on-one video training experience that evolved from my ground-breaking training seminars. I called these project management training products ‘Masterclasses’. The PMP Masterclass was born.

Today, after ten years of helping folks the world over to prepare and pass a variety of project management related exams and fast-track their careers and earning potential, I want to teach you how my PMP Masterclass will mentor you to pass the exams at your first attempt.

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How Steep Learning Curves, Stress and Tears plus an Online Epiphany Helped Skyrocket My Online PMP Masterclass Business

My name is Dave Litten. I founded my range of Primer project management products on the eve of the Millennium, and since then I have been designing, creating and launching my Masterclasses as a full-time business.

I am passionate about giving my customers a great training experience in a cost and time-efficient manner, and I am proud of the fact that hundreds, if not thousands of folks across the world have benefited from my project management training products.

My roots started with a passion for engineering and evolved into project management culminating with my attainment of Chartered Engineer status in my early thirties. I developed my career and project management experience in multinational IT companies from the mid 1980’s rising to become an experienced ‘in the trenches’ senior project manager. Along the way I got to head up many engineering departments, and discovered that I had a flair and passion for people development and running training events as well as delivering successful projects.

Then the internet exploded onto the scene in the mid-1990’s and I was hooked!

I became a voracious consumer of online information that lead to me generating my own advice and guidance to the growing internet community. I didn’t realize it then, but I was learning valuable lessons about presenting information in a compelling and easy-to-digest way and working with customers, while finding that folks liked my laid-back approach to teaching them new skills.

Better yet, I had removed their steep classroom learning curve and replaced it with a step-by-step, low stress video approach to absorbing new skills in easy bite-sized chunks.

Looking back, the tipping point for me was my decision to move into helping other folks to become successful in the broad field of project management, and this new career took me across the world delivering training seminars in Europe, the USA, Middle East, South Africa, and as far-flung as the Philippines, Singapore and even the beautiful island of Bali.

Then I dreamed up the idea of a range of ‘Primer’ products – and the rest, as they say, is history…

How My First Online Business Succeeded
With Step By Step Primer Training Videos

One of the things I learnt about delivering training seminars was first creating a comfortable and safe environment for my students to learn, and second was to find creative and fun ways to build their knowledge and skills. Force feeding data and ‘death by PowerPoint’ was to be avoided at all costs! I discovered I had a flair for taking complicated ideas and presenting them in an easy to digest manner.

I used these experiences to create my first project management primer. It was a full color e-book, and started to sell well, but as broadband grew throughout the world followed by the mid 2000’s success of YouTube, it was clear to me that HD quality video training was the way to go…

In early 2004 I launched my first Video Masterclass and sales started to rocket. By this time, I knew that if I was going to make it online, it would be through my step-by-step video training skills and my passion to give my customers a world-class training experience at an affordable price.

The Projex Academy Masterclasses have succeeded by connecting you, my customer, with high quality, easy to absorb project management training products. From general introduction Primers for project manager newbies, all the way to attaining best practice professional project management qualifications, I want to help you achieve your training goals and fast-track your career and earning potential.

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Good Luck on your journey to become a PMP!

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