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Closing Process Group

Closing process group.

This consists of just two very important processes – close project or phase, and close procurements, and it must be understood that the project is not completed once the customer has accepted the end-product.

Typical closing process activities that must still be carried out are:

  • The end-product is verifies against the agreed scope
  • The end-product is delivered according to the customer satisfaction
  • Any contracts have been let must be closed out using be closed procurement process
  • The records of the project must be updated and the team must be released
  • Key project documents must be a private and lessons learned need to be updated

All of the above closing process activities must be included within the plan and considered part of the project.

The accepted deliverables from the project are an output from the verify scope process and must get formal approval and acceptance.

The project management plan contains how the project or a phrase is to be closed out, and details be specific deliverables that need to be completed and accepted before the project or phase can be considered complete.

Typical closing process activities and deliverables include:

  • Performance reviews of the project including the management of risks and issues, any corrective actions that need to be taken
  • The project management plan must be updated to reflect actual results along with any logs or registers including changes, risks, constraints and assumptions.
  • Project management best practice states that it is best to collect any lessons learned during the project as well as at the end as such lessons may need to be applied to the remainder of the current project.
  • the main outputs here are a final reports which may include lessons learned that needs to be distributed to all appropriate stakeholders.

It is quite normal to have outstanding actions or loose ends at the end of a project that are picked up in the closing process.  Although important to ensure that the project has indeed that all of its objectives, these loose ends must be assigned are owners as part of closing the project.  Often such owners may be customers, users, as or operational staff.

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