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Direct and Manage Project Work – Part 2

Direct and Manage Project Work – Part 2

The inputs of Direct and Manage project work

Where does the information you are monitoring come from?  The following diagram explains this:


The inputs to compare actual project performance to the planned performance are the project management plan and performance reports.  You can see that the information from the performance reports comes from the controlling processes in scope, schedule, and cost, as well as executing the plan.

These are then compared with the project management plan.

The information from scope, schedule, and cost as actual measurements, such is the dollar amount spent, the deliverables actually completed, and so on.

The information from the integration process “direct and manage project execution” is about the status of work in progress hence the label “work performance information”.

You will note that the information in the performance reports is substantial.  We can summarize these by saying the performance reports contain information on status, recent accomplishments, forecast, and issues.

The project management plan not only contains the project baselines but also the threshold for variance for each of the project objectives, including at least, scope, quality, schedule, and cost.

The definition of the word threshold is as follows:

A cost, time, quality, technical, or resource value used as a parameter, and which may be included in project specifications.  Crossing the threshold should trigger some action, such as generating an exception report.

Direct and Manage project work tools, techniques and outputs

Direct and Manage project work not only involves identifying variances but also determines whether the variance is acceptable, what caused the variance, and what if anything you should do about it.

A simple variance analysis form is a useful way to document the results of analyzing performance results.

By comparing the project management plan with the actual results, the project manager can determine whether any change requests are required.

In the context of review in performance, or change request can be:

  • Corrective action
  • Preventative action
  • Defect repair

If a change request is initiated, it will go to the perform integrated change control process.  Regardless of any change is requested, the project management plan and the project documents are updated to reflect the current project status.

The monitor and control project work process requires you to have knowledge and skills in the following areas to pass the exam:

  • Project control limits, these are thresholds and tolerances full scope, schedule, cost, and quality
  • Project performance metrics, these are effort, duration, and cost
  • Control in performance against the project management plan

Taking responsibility for project performance

More than any other process, the monitor and control project work process is where you determine if you are fulfilling your obligations to deliver project scope, with the agreed upon quality, in a timely manner, for the agreed upon budget.

If you are not able to fulfill your commitments, you have an obligation to take ownership and make corrections as needed.  Taking ownership applies to you as a project manager and your team members as well.

The project manager and team members need to be accountable for any issues arising from errors or omissions in the project.

The code of ethics and professional conduct

The following responsibilities standards from the code of ethics and professional conduct are applicable to all the project management processes, however, there are predict the relevant in the monitoring and controlling process group:

  • We fulfill the commitments that we undertake, we do what we say we will do
  • When we make errors or omissions, we take ownership and make corrections promptly.
  • When we discover errors or omissions caused by others, we communicate them to the appropriate body as soon as they are discovered.
  • We except accountability for any issues resulting from our errors or omissions and any resulting consequences.
  • We accept only those assignments are consistent with our background, experience, skills and qualifications
  • We uphold this code and hold each other accountable to it

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