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Distribute information process

Distribute information process

The communications management plan was created within the plan communications process, and distribute information is the execution of that plan the cars it describes how all communications will be managed and what the processes are to carry out distribution.

As a result of carrying out the executing process group, it may be that unplanned communication requirements arise, and if this is so, then this process of distributing information would be used to handle such unplanned communications.

The main purpose of distributing information is to keep the various stakeholders informed on the progress of the project, and this of course can happen at any point within the project, but the execution process group is where the bulk of communication will normally occur.

There are three inputs to the distribute information process:

Project management plan.

It is the communications management plan within the PMP that is the main inputs as described above and will be used as a reference for all activities carried out within the distribute information process.

Performance reports.

These give essential information that are continuously monitored and controlled as they advise you of how the project is progressing.  These reports are also an input to the monitor and control project work process.  The performance reports also contain project forecasts, and these will help the project manager to take preventative action if any forecast problems are being predicted.

Organisational process assets.

These of course, consists of any assets which aid communication and its distribution.  Examples here could consist of policies, procedures or guidelines with regards to reporting, lessons learned from previous similar projects, databases containing individual stakeholders are and their contact information, or any templates that have been developed for communication purposes.

There is only one output from the distribute information process:

Organisational process assets updates.

As you would imagine, this is the updating of the inputs used regarding organisational process assets, and normally includes new or modified information, or any extra knowledge that can be applied to such assets.  An example might be extra information contained within a standard reporting template, or an improved technique for communicating particular sets of data.

There are just two tools used within the distribute information process:

Communication methods.

As you would imagine, there are a multitude of ways to communicate information.  Obvious examples are formal reports, emails, face to face, presentations, notice boards, intranet websites, walkthroughs, or a variety of audio visual methods such as a video presentation.

Information distribution tools.

This is touched on in the communication methods mentioned above and covers any tool used to pass information in an effective manner onto the relevant stakeholders.

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