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Paying For My Primer


executiveThis short article will help you if you have any problems or questions regarding payment for my PMP Primer!

  • I use PayPal as my secure payment provider, so that you can have 100 percent confidence in providing your payment details.


  • One question I occasionally get asked is ‘How do I pay for your Primer”, so here is a step by step sequence for you to follow:


  • Go to my website HERE, and scroll down to my secure payment button (you can pay in UK Sterling or US Dollars):paypal3


  • Click on the button, and you will be taken to PayPal’s secure payment page. Here, you have TWO options, the first is that IF you already have a PayPal account then simply go ahead and fill out the form.

HOWEVER, most of my customers will want to use their Credit or Debit card to securely pay, and the following picture will show you the options:



  • I have chosen to pay for the Primer in US Dollars, and you will see the red ring above that shows how much you will pay. What causes most confusion is that PayPal gives option 1. of logging into YOUR PayPal account to pay, must folks will want option 2. because they wish to pay with their credit/debit card.

So click on the blue “Don’t have a PayPal account?” link to pay with your credit/debit card…


  • You will then be taken to your payment screen were you can enter your secure payment details and when done, click on the yellow  “Pay” button:paypal2


  • PayPal does not allow certain countries to use their payment service, which I find unhelpful, and so I have devised a way for YOU to pay, in the event of PayPal not letting you purchase my Primer!

Do This:

Get a friend or a relative in a different country or area who CAN use their credit/debit card to pay for my Primer on your behalf (You will want to make your own arrangements to pay them back of course!)

Now this is *important*, tell them to pay for my Primer, but THEY MUST NOT DOWNLOAD MY PRIMER. Once they have paid, drop me an email at dave [at] davelitten [dot] com and email me who has paid on your behalf, and give me the email address that they used to pay for it.

sit down copy I will then send YOU the secure download file for your personal use.


  • Finally, you will want to download my product after payment,
    and I have created another  helpful article for that purpose  HERE!