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PMBOK The executing process group

PMBOK The executing process group

This is where the majority of the project budget is expended and most of the project time is spent, as this is where the project team creates the products and deliverables along with meeting the requirements and objectives of the project.

It must be obvious that this PMBOK process is where most of the work is carried out.  In short it is where products and deliverables are built, assembled, constructed and created.  It is also here that procurement and team development takes place.

Put simply, this is where the plan is carried out.

The main outputs from this PMBOK process group are:

  • The risk and issue management responses plus corrective and preventative actions
  • The deliverables themselves plus work performance information
  • Change requests with regards to utilization and effectiveness of the quality plan
  • Negotiation and influence to ensure appropriate staff are assigned
  • Demote ovation building and mentoring to ensure the team performance
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving
  • Procurement’s and contracts are negotiated and put in place
  • Organisational process assets are updated as a result of executing the project management plan

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