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Welcome To My PMP® BLOG

dave and jude littenI don’t know how you navigated the Interweb to get here – but I’m sure glad you arrived!

My name is Dave Litten and along with my wonderful supportive wife Jude, I’m very proud of my brand-new WORDPRESS Website which has been redesigned with YOU at center-stage…

You’ll find easy-to-read relevant and focused articles to help you get qualified as a Project Management Professional by gaining the prestigious PMP credentials, as well as mastering the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

Do check out my home page HERE, as you will find full details of my comprehensive step-by-step video PMP Primer designed by me to FULLY prepare you for your PMP Exam.

I have filled this site with valuable easy-to-digest articles that I hope will both stimulate and educate you on your pathway to best practice project management.

I wish you well on your journey to Project Management Professional!

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