PMP Exam Objectives

These are the broad PMP Exam topics that you must become competent in:

PMP Exam – Initiating Processes

  • Initiating the project
  • Conduct project selection methods
  • Define scope
  • Document project risks, assumptions, and constraints
  • Identifying perform stakeholder analysis
  • Develop project charter
  • Obtain project charter approval

PMP Exam – Planning the project

  • define and record requirements, constraints, and assumptions
  • identified project team and defined roles and responsibilities
  • create the WBS
  • develop change management plan
  • identify risks and defined risk strategies
  • obtain plan approval
  • conduct kickoff meeting

PMP Exam – Executing the project

  • executing tasks defined in project plan
  • ensure common understanding and set expectations
  • implement the procurement of project resources
  • manage resource allocation
  • implement quality management plan
  • implement approved changes
  • implement approved actions and workarounds
  • improve team performance

PMP Exam – Monitoring and controlling the project

  • measure of project performance
  • verify and manage changes to the project
  • in show project deliverables conform to quality standards
  • monitor all risks

PMP Exam – Closing the project

  • obtain final acceptance of project
  • obtain financial, legal, and administrative closure
  • release project resources
  • identify, document, and communicate lessons learned
  • create and distribute final project report
  • archive and retain project records
  • measure customer satisfaction

PMP Exam – Professional and social responsibility

  • ensure individual integrity
  • contribute to the project management knowledge base
  • enhanced professional competence
  • promote interaction among stakeholders

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