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PMP monitoring and controlling processes

PMP monitoring and controlling processesPMP monitoring and controlling processes

Monitoring and controlling processes measure the performance of the project, take action based on performance analysis, and maintain the integrity of the baseline by ensuring that only approved changes are integrated into the project management plan.

Monitoring and controlling processes are those required to track, review, and regulate the progress and performance of the project, identify any areas in which changes to the plan are required, and initiate the corresponding changes.

Almost every process within this process group has the following outputs:

  • Organisational process assets updates
  • Change requests
  • Project management plan updates
  • Project document updates

I will now review the monitoring and controlling processes, activities and outputs.

Monitor and control project work

The activity is involved are to measure and analysed project performance in order to identify any variances from plan.

Is there to problems solved to determine appropriate corrective and preventative action.  It by firms are a root cause analysis of variances.  It manages time and cost reserve allocation.

The outputs from this process are the organisational process assets updates, project management plan updates, and project document updates.

Perform integrated change control

This process evaluates change request impacts.  It negotiates competing constraints with stakeholders for requested changes.

It maintains baseline integrity by ensuring only accepted changes are integrated into the project.

It communicates the status of project changes to the impacted stakeholders.

The outputs are updated change request status.

Verify scope

This is where the deliverables are inspected for acceptance and the main output is accepted deliverables.

Control scope

Here performance is measured against the baselines and the main output is the worker performance measurements.

Control schedule

This is where you will perform earned value analysis

Control costs

Here you can take estimates to complete and the outputs are the forecasts

Perform quality control

In this process you will inspect them review all deliverables for compliance with specifications.  You will apply control charts, histograms, cause and effect charts, and other quality control tools to be deliverables.  You identify areas to improve project and product performance.

The main outputs are the quality control measurements and validated deliverables.

Report performance

The activities involved are to document, present, and communicate project status to stakeholders identified in the communications management plan.  The outputs are the performance reports.

Monitor and control risks

Here, you will continually monitor the status of existing risks and identifying new risks to the project.  You will negotiate risk response strategies with stakeholders and use problem solving to identify appropriate risk responses.

You will have an eye perfected is of risk management processes and risk responses.  The main output here are updates to the risk register

Administer procurements

Here you will inspect vendor work and work sights while the main output is procurement documentation

Monitoring and controlling processes are applied throughout the project and are conducted for each phase for the project as a whole.

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