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Project Charter Example

Project Charter ExampleProject Charter Example

Project title and description

(what is the project?) Customer satisfaction fix it project
Over the last few months the quality assurance department has discovered many of our customers’ orders for our new Software System, have taken the customer 10 times longer to place through our Computer Network than our competitors networks.
The purpose of this project is to investigate the reasons for the problem and propose a solution. The solution will be authorized as a subsequent project. Quality control has detailed records of their findings that can be used to speed up this project.

Project manager assigned and authority level

(who is given authority to lead the project, and can they determine, manage, and approved changes to budget, schedule, or and staffing)

David Walsh shall be the project manager for this project and have authority to select team members and determine the final project budget.

Business need

(why is the project been done?)

This project is being completed in order to prevent a further breakdown of customer satisfaction.

Project justification

(business case – on what financial or other basis can we justify doing this project?)

We expect that improved customer satisfaction will increase revenue to the company in the first year by at least $350,000 due to a decrease in service calls.

As a side benefit, we expect that the project will generate ideas on improving customer satisfaction while fixing this problem.

Resources Preassigned

(how many or what resources will be provided?)
Claris Clegg and Eric Ideal are already dedicated to the project because of their expertise in Computer Networks of this type. The project manager will identify and assign other resources as required.


(who will affect, or be affected by, the project (influence the project), has known to date?)

Stakeholders should include Nick Downes representing quality control, Ruth in customer service and George in marketing.

These resources are available to assist the project as needed by the project manager.

Stakeholder requirements as known

(requirements related to both project and product scope)

Attached to this document are the detailed specifications for the existing system, the requirements that the existing system was designed to meet. It is expected that this project will not change how the system aspects of the existing requirements.

The project must include utilizing the date are available from quality control.

Product description/deliverables

(what a specific product deliverables are wanted and what will be the end result of the project?)
1. A report that outlines what can be changed, how much each change will cost and the expected decrease in the time it takes to place an order resulting from each change. Few words are necessary in the report, but it must be created electronically and be agreed to buy the heads of quality control, customer Service &Marketing in addition to the project team

2. A list of the interactions with our customers necessary to complete the changes. A work breakdown structure, due within two weeks, the outlines the plan for completion in the project, followed one week later by a list of risks in completing the project

Constraints and assumptions

(a constraint is any limiting factor and an assumption is something taken to be true, but which may not be true)

Completes the project no later than July 30th 2016. Spend no more than $10,000

We have assumed that Peter will be available to assist the project and that testing can be done on the Sellers computer

Project sponsor approval:

_______________________________                                        _________________________

Neal Sunderland Executive Vice President                                        Peter Barker, Vice President


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