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Project execution – providing direction and management

Project execution – providing direction and management

This is process of performing the work as defined in the project management plan in order to achieve the project objectives.  Carrying out the work of into project management plan involves integrating the various plans and activities of the project.

As a project manager, you will be analysing information and coordinating your team members actions to carry out the work.

The Project Manager must respond appropriately to the daily situations, problems, issues and risks that may arise.  As a result of the as you will be implementing approved changes to the project management plan, and getting changes up-front happens within the monitoring and controlling process group.  Often such changes are approved they are implemented within this process.

Leadership and interpersonal skills are vital here.

The main job that the project manager has here is to coordinate people and other resources in order to execute their project activities.  While doing this the project manager will want to resolve issues and risks and then go on to analyse the best approach to resolve them.

Direct and manage project execution also involves implementing changes, take corrective and preventative actions and implement defect repairs.  The project manager will also want to implement risk responses as and when they are required.

You will note that there are no scope, schedule, cost, or risk processes within the executing process group.  The reason for this is that they are closely linked and tied within the direct and manage project execution process.


As mentioned above, the project management plan is the main inputs to the direct and manage project execution process because of its information pertaining to your work for the and creating project deliverables.

Approved change requests are also inputs. The PMBOK Guide uses the term ‘change request’ to refer not only to a product change, but also to corrective action, preventative action, and defect repairs.

Direct and Manage Project Execution – definitions

Here are their definitions:

Change request. 

These are requests to increase or reduce the project scope, modified processes or policies, procedures or plans, modify costs or revise schedules.

Corrective action. 

Documented direction for executing the project work in order to bring expected future performance of the project work back in line with the project management plan.

Preventive action. 

Documented direction to perform an activity that can reduce the probability of the negative consequences associated with project risks.


An imperfection or deficiency  in a project component with that component  does not meet its requirements or specifications and needs to be either repaired or replaced.

Defect Repair. 

The formally documented identification of like defects in a project component with a recommendation to either repair the defect or completely replace the component.

The following diagram shows how change requests are normally an output from the monitoring and controlling processes and some of the executing processes:


The outputs of the direct and manage Project Execution process consists mainly of your deliverables and the work performance information.  You can see by the diagram below that work performance information is an input to 8 processes most of which are monitoring and controlling processes.

In order to understand terms involved with deliverables and work performance information, you need to understand the definitions below:


Any unique and verifiable product, result, or capability to perform a service that must be produced to complete a process, phase, or project.


An artifact that is produced, is a quantifiable, and can be either an end product in itself or  component item.


An output from performing project management processes and activities.  May also be called an outcome.

Work performance information. 

Information and data on the status of the project schedule activities being performed in order to accomplish project work.  It is connected as part of the direct and manage project execution processes.

Such information can include:

  • The status of deliverables
  • Implementation and status for change requests
  • Corrective actions
  • Preventative actions
  • Defect repairs
  • Reported percentage of work complete
  • Start and finish dates of schedule activities

The next diagram shows how the Direct and Manage Project Execution then feeds back into the Perform Quality Assurance executing process and also into the Monitoring and Control processes:


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