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Studying for your PMP exam

Studying for your PMP exam- including my PMP PDF Documents!

The most efficient, easy, and step by step method to prepare for your PMP exam, is to use a combination of study media consisting of high quality videos and supporting PMP PDF documentation.

Dave Litten’s PMP Masterclass is one such example of successfully tailoring the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK) and creating a complete PMP training product which includes a massive data bank of PMP exam questions and answers.

The secret of using PMP pdf documentation is to harness this information within each video in a structured and easy to follow linear sequence of learning.

Using PMP PDF Documents to pass your PMP Exam.

Using only a pdf version of the PMBOK reference will not give the candidate sufficient information to pass the PMP exam, because not all of the examined topics are covered in the PDF PMBOK.

The secret therefore is to use PMP pdf documentation that covers the enhanced range of topic areas that are stated within the comprehensive PMP exam syllabus.

This is exactly what Dave’s PMP Masterclass covers.

There are five sets of PDF documentation included within the PMP Masterclass, and these have been designed to work seamlessly with the library of 24 high quality, PC/MAC/Mobile compatible PMP videos.

Here is the sequence of integrating your PMP pdf and video training preparation:

The first PMP pdf document to use is my 22 page PMP Exam Flash Summaries, as this gives you a high-level overview of the PMP Processes and Knowledge Areas:

The next step is to watch my PMP videos in sequence, making sure that you do so while referring to each PMP PDF Workbook and carrying out the PMP exercises at the end of each chapter.


Although the slide information (and hnece also the videos),may seem quite detailed, in the video, I introduce the various ‘boxes’ slowly and in this way it enables me to build a strong and memorable picture in your mind.

This is one of the main reasons why my project management Primer range has been so successful in getting hundreds if not thousands of people to pass their PMP exam at their first attempt.

In addition to the PMP PDF question data bank, you will be able to take my PowerPoint Slide Show complete with 340 PMP questions and answers here:

Here are your PMP PDF 500 Questions and Answers booklet:

This PMP PDF booklet first, gives you the 500 questions along with a scoring matrix, and then repeats the same 500 questions but this time with the correct andwer in bold.

My whole PMP Masterclass contains the following PMP PDF, MP4 Videos, and PowerPoint PMP EXAM preparation tools:

  • Apply the Key Formulas to the Knowledge Areas
  • Intuitively apply project management professional responsibility

…and here is what you will get with my PMP Certification Exam Primer:

  • 24 PMP® pre-course Preparation DVD’s (over 24 hours of one-to-one tuition)
  • 14 Module Workbooks – with full colour slides – over 320 pages
  • 333 fast-track PMBOK® Guide Key Learning Points module exercises
  • 340-question PMBOK® Guide PMP Masterclass Quiz
  • NEW – 500 PMBOK® Guide PMP Exam Questions and Answers
  • NEW – PMP EXAM CRAM – 50 pages of pure distilled PMBOK Juice
  • Prepare at a time that suits YOU!
  • Designed to fast-track you to easily absorb PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition and prepare YOU for the PMP® Exam in simple step-by-step chunks

For you to pass your PMP Exam at the first attempt, go HERE for my PMP Masterclass!

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