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Earned Value (EV) – Using The Rule of 80 20

EV, Earned Value Management – What About The 80 20 Rule? Needing to use non-linear formula in Earned Value Analysis (EVA) or Earned Value Management, is both right and wrong (in my Humble Opinion!) First, Earned Value formulas do assume a linear relationship, and frankly, what sort of non-linear relationship would you choose in its […]

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PMP Cross Cutting Skills: The Ultimate Guide

PMBOK Cross Cutting Skills. First, to remind you of the process group interactions: The initiating process occurs first, followed by the planning and executing processes which of course who carried out in an iterative fashion.  The monitoring and controlling process also takes place during planning and executing.  Finally the closing process is used. The above […]

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Grasping PMP Risk.

Grasping The Principles of PMP Risk Someone once described risk as “an event which may or may not occur at some point in the future, but if it does occur it will have a negative impact on your project”.  So straight away here, we can see that if the risk is certain to happen then […]

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I don’t know how you navigated the Interweb to get here – but I’m sure glad you arrived! My name is Dave Litten and along with my wonderful supportive wife Jude, I’m very proud of my brand-new WORDPRESS Website which has been redesigned with YOU at center-stage… You’ll find easy-to-read relevant and focused articles to […]

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PMP Definitions

PMP Definitions If you intend taking the PMP exam then it is important that you become familiar with the exact terminology that needs to be applied. First we will compare and contrast the terms project and operations.  The definition of a project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.  […]

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