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The Project Management Plan

Project Management Plan – what’s in it?

Many folks believe that a plan is just a bar chart and Work Breakdown Structure showing the activities, their interdependencies and schedule.

Not True.

A plan is a document, and that is why PMBOK® calls it the project management plan.

Make sure that you are very familiar with all of the sections within the project management plan (and what each section contains along with its purpose) that make up the project management plan as laid out in the PMBOK® Guide’s definition of a project management plan.

The project management plan is a single formal document that lays down how a project is to be managed, executed and contolled. Throughout the project, it is ‘progressively elaborated’ – put simply, after its creation, it is continually refined, revised and updated

The project management plan consists of:

  • Three baselines; Cost, Schedule and Scope
  • Ten management plans; requirements, scope, cost, quality, risk, change,
  • configuration, schedule, procurement, and communications

It also contains the human resource plan and the process improvement plan.

Before you tackle any questions regarding the project management plan, you need to be clear about the following concepts and uses:

1. Once created and approved, the project is managed against the project management plan

2. The project management plan is a living document, and should be updated to reflect current progress and future forecast

3. That the project management plan should be realistic and achievable

4. The project management plan must be approved by all parties, and they too, must believe that it is achievable

5. Be clear about the actions needed to create a realistic project plan

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